The person who has always been by my side. Loved me to bits , understood me always, wid such a great and forgiving heart that is so difficult to possess. Known him since my birth, he’s my God, my dear father. Heard of storms raging across the mountains that stay still no matter how miserable the environment is. My father remained so all his life. He bore such a lot of pain in his heart but, never complained. He was never acknowledged for anything good he did. He eagerly waited for appreciation to come his way. My father went thru a lot of pain. But, I acknowledge him for everything he did. He never cared about himself but, only for the happiness of his children. Sometimes he was forced to fail in his duties, he was so tired at tyms that he would tend to give up, but again, his mind would cry for his kids and he would run to them again. You need to be with the person, trust him and only then can u understand him. There would be a lot of people who would misunderstand u, but, it needs a lot of patience to understand someone.

My father was and is a great great man and i am proud to be his daughter. I would always want my mother and my father to be my parents always in every life I get an opportunity to live. I miss him madly . I love my father a lot.

My God, my father.